Vickers Piston pump PVH

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Vickers PVH098R13AJ30E252018001A D1AE01 Piston pump PVH

None Oil-Impregnated Bron
Static 8000 / D SAE 841, CT-1000-K26

Vickers PVH098R13AJ30A250000001A M1AB01 Piston pump PVH

2.0000 in 3/4 in
Contact with Slinger Set Screw

Vickers PVH098R03AJ30B252000AL1A D1AP01 Piston pump PVH

Single Metal Shield 23mm
In Stock Steel

Vickers PVH098R02AJ30E2520040010 01AE01 Piston pump PVH

Cast Iron UCT200
89 mm Contact with Slinger

Vickers PVH098R02AJ30B2520000010 01AB01 Piston pump PVH

Contact with Flinger 7.7500 in
6.1875 in Two-Bolt Flange

Vickers PVH098R02AJ30A2500000020 010001 Piston pump PVH

No Flange 5100 RPM
Machined Bearing wit Single Sealed

Vickers PVH098R01AJ70E2520040010 01AE01 Piston pump PVH

L Non-Flanged Cup
0.5938 in Uncoated

Vickers PVH098R01AJ70A2500000010 01AB01 Piston pump PVH

1.1870 in Spherco®
1.3120 in Steel

Vickers PVH098R01AJ30E2520150010 01AE01 Piston pump PVH

4.3750 in Contact with Slinger
1/2-13 Lubrication Fitting

Vickers PVH098R01AJ30B2520000010 0A Piston pump PVH

Labyrinth 0.7500 in
0.385 lb 2.8750 in

Vickers PVH098R01AJ30A2500000020 01AB01 Piston pump PVH

4.1250 in Powder Coat
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Vickers PVH098R01AJ30A2500000010 01AB01 Piston pump PVH

4410 lbf Round
7/16-14 1.2500 in